The attorneys at Price & Farrington, PLLC assist our clients in coordinating their substantial retirement plan balances with their overall estate and tax planning goals. The ultimate goal: effective life and death planning for retirement benefits.

Over the past ten to fifteen years, the wealth of many of our clients has accumulated dramatically in their retirement plans. The assets in these plans now represent a huge proportion of our nation's wealth.

We help lead our clients through the tangled underbrush of ever-changing rules and regulations relating to retirement plans, including: beneficiary designations; minimum distribution rules; income tax issues; disclaimer planning; life-expectancy rules; marital matters; and using trusts as beneficiaries of retirement plans.

The attorneys at Price & Farrington, PLLC also counsel clients on opportunities using defined benefit pension plans. Proper design and implementation of these plans can result in:

  • A dramatic increase in tax-deductible plan contributions;
  • Guaranteed returns;
  • Creditor protection, and;
  • Disability and death benefits.

Integrated estate, tax and asset protection planning means adopting the most effective retirement plan for your circumstances and goals.

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