Our clients' satisfaction in the estate planning process is of paramount importance to us. The following is a sampling of comments provided by clients of Price & Farrington.

* Describing their experience working with our law firm in the estate planning process:

"It has been an absolute pleasure to do business with you! We really appreciate your kindness, integrity, generosity, helpfulness, knowledge and authenticity.

Estate planning has been a good experience with the super-smooth flow of these events." Mr. and Mrs. D.H. and R.H.

"Glenn conducts a clearly organized and well executed process. He is patient, flexible and informative." Mr. & Mrs. A.W. & M.W.

"Excellent!" C.E.

"Extremely positive!" Mr. & Mrs. M.H. & N.H.

"Friendly - patient - thorough - polite." Mr. & Mrs. J.P. & B.P.

"This has been an absolutely delightful experience. A class act." Mr. and Mrs. C.VC and H.VC

"As always, I am grateful for your expertise, and feel as secure as one can in the care of Price & Farrington." Mrs. G.B.

* Describing the clarity of the explanations provided by our attorneys throughout the planning process:

"You have an art of making difficult subject matter (death and allocation of assets) flow like a quiet stream." Mr. & Mrs. P.H. & D.H.

"Things were explained until we understood. Nothing we needed or wanted to know was left unexplained." Mr. & Mrs. A.W. & M.W.

"Clarity was exceptional in initial descriptions and answers to questions." Mr. & Mrs. K.B. & J.B.

"Detailed, understandable, not a bunch of legalese." Mr. & Mrs. B.P. & K.P.

"Very clear and precise." N.S.

"Crystal clear! Never once did I sense that a question was a bother even after your clear explanations." Mr. & Mrs. P.H. & D.H.

"I learned more and have a deeper understanding of what is involved in the estate planning process than from anyone before." H.VC

* Generally describing the service received from our law firm:

"My relationship with your office leaves me with the highest regard for your patience, caring, trustworthiness, and superb counsel. I feel blessed and very grateful for your guidance and expertise." B.V.

"Excellent. Comfortable. Confident." Mr. & Mrs. A.W. & M.W.

"Exceeded my expectations." C.E.

"Beyond reproach. Excellent. Glenn even put up with our 15-month old daughter during our appointment." Mr. & Mrs. M.H. & N.H.

"Superb! I would recommend your services to anyone!" Mr. & Mrs. P.H. & D.H.

"...thanks and appreciation for the warmth, listening ear and thoughtful consideration to help me sift through a confusing and emotional time. (You) listened from your hearts, not the pocketbook. You have won a client and a lot of respect..." R.M., Bothell, Washington

* What our clients would tell a relative, colleague or friend about their experience working with us:

"Clear, concise unbiased information about all aspects of estate planning. The initial consultation established a professional dialogue that we felt very good about. We chose to employ Price & Farrington because of the trust we felt after our first meeting and no-pressure approach." Mr. & Mrs. K.B. & J.B.

"That you helped make a potentially confusing and not entirely pleasant process (planning for your death), very easy. I feel much better for having completed the initial trust establishment and appreciate Chuck's professionalism and his expertise. I'm keeping the referral card 'til I know someone interested in estate planting. Thanks again." Mr. & Mrs. B.P. & K.P.

"Great service and attention to detail." Mr. & Mrs. M.H. & N.H.

"Of our friendly reception, of a feeling of comfort and accomplishment when our trust was in place. We are satisfied with what we've done and feel it is in the best interest of our survivors." Mr. & Mrs. J.P. & B.P.

"Blended families are often times difficult to sort through. Two people bringing together potentially radically different assets, playing "what if" games and allocating those assets "fairly" amongst all. You helped us "get the white elephant out of our living room!" Thanks Glenn!" Mr. & Mrs. P.H. & D.H.

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