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"Estate Planning Strategies" -- Chapter 53, "Choosing a Trustee for Your Living Trust" by Glenn D. Price

One of the most important aspects of executing a successful estate plan for yourself and your family is the selection of a trustee. Because a trustee's responsibilities are serious and sometimes time-consuming, it is prudent to evaluate your options carefully before making a selection.

Whom should you choose as trustee?
If you are creating a revocable living trust, you will probably serve, at least initially, as the sole trustee if you are single, or as a co-trustee with your spouse if you are married. You are essentially wearing three hats as the: 1) grantor -- setting up the trust and putting assets into it; 2) trustee -- owning, managing, and distributing the trust assets; and 3? trust beneficiary. A critical decision you must make is who to name to serve as your successor trustee if you should resign, if you become disabled or incapacitated, and when you die.

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